On Practicing and Preaching

meme_paper_08c_practice_what_you_preachIf someone doesn’t practice what they preach, then someone else likely exists that does practice and preach what the hypocrite only preaches. Therefore, whether or not someone practices what they preach does not really have anything to do with the validity of what they preach.

Ironically, while modernity has ushered in a sort of consistency uber alles with its idealism uber alles and its apparent rejection of situational ethics, modern nihilism requires that people be hypocrites in order to live well. If someone believes that all value judgments are limited to being a matter of opinion, then they have to conclude, for example, that a piano teacher is only better than their students in like, someone’s opinion, man. But no one really lives their life that way since it would be absurd. These people must believe that it would be absurd to live according to reality–i.e. to practice what they preach.


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