To #NeverTrump, or not to #NeverTrump

Let’s do this. I’ve always thought that I’d wait to consider #NeverTrump until that decision was upon us. Now that it is reasonably inevitable that he will be the nominee, that time has come.

At first it seems that I am spared from this decision since the D’s winning CA is at least as inevitable as my decision. But that assumes that I am an individual, and I believe that one of the least known things among many in our society about existence is that people are not as ‘individual’ as we all think they are. I seem to be an individual in a lot of ways, but with regard to Presidential politics, I am part of a voting bloc. So the question is, how would the me writ large vote? While my vote doesn’t strictly matter, the me writ large is somewhat less inconsequential. So the question is, how would I vote if my vote mattered?

You hear so-called ‘individuals’ complaining about not wanting to pick the lesser of two evils. Actually, that’s a collective belief that begins to mark out a voting bloc. In reality every option in life—including abstaining—could be considered a lesser among evils. In Presidential contests you can pick from no less than three evils—one candidate, the other, or none. And then there are the lesser party candidates, which should maybe be grouped with not voting. The only way to avoid picking the lesser among evils is to be unaware of the choice, but if you know the ‘less among evils’ line, then you are not unaware of it.

Given that Trump is inadequate and offensive to say the least, the only reason I’d vote for him is if I were sufficiently opposed to the D’s—and I am very inclined to vote against the D’s. This is the party that opposes Voter ID in a country with enough voter fraud to warrant it—and that is a fair taste of their agenda. They take an alleged 97% consensus among scientists, which to be so broad necessarily rely’s on the most general, benign conclusion, and assign the most extreme conclusions to it—that Earth’s habitability for man is in question. Then there’s Supreme Court justices. I have put more effort than most people into defending the Living-Breathing Constitution (from myself) and I strongly suspect that it is one of the most superficial, expedient things I’ve ever seriously considered. And to the extent that is has a basis in Hegelian or Heideggerian historicism, I’ve become familiar with those enough to believe they are similarly superficial.

These are just three examples of why I am really motivated by opposition to D’s. I could write about this all day, all week, etc. I believe that smart, well-meaning people could believe support these things and support D’s, but that’s because they are not strictly individuals as I said earlier. That is a conclusion that I applied to myself as well.

But will Trump be better?? Frankly, I am told by supporters of his, “Eff the issues!! We need to win!!” Trump is going to win the general by pivoting to the middle (i.e. the Left). I’m told, Trump doesn’t even need the vote of the me writ large. If that is how Trump proceeds from here, if I’m just going to be voting for a D with an R by his name then I probably will not vote. But he doesn’t need me, they say.

Of course, my view is that Trump can’t win because poor people vote in general elections. Even if Trump goes full Leftist, he’s still the R nominee & R’s are considered to be the scum of the earth. Even if I vote for him, it would be a very conflicted vote and much the me writ large is not going to vote for him. Trump is going to have to make that up with D voters just to get back to where R’s have been losing for the last two cycles.

And even if somehow I could believe that it was reasonable that Trump could be better than a D, he is a complete jackass that people support for the wrong reasons—he is a cult of personality. One of the biggest issues among his supporters is opposition to money in campaigns. First of all, money is similarly inevitable as media is, and second, this logic rules out most any future candidate that isn’t a billionaire like Trump, hence the cult of personality. The hostility among his supporters to Ted Cruz who has a satisfying record on many of the issues Trump has won on really says nothing other than superficial politics or personality cult. It is almost as sickening as Trump himself. Consider his threat against the Chicago Cubs owners, which, although it may be among his worst is nonetheless typical in a sense.

But Dennis Prager has a considerably good point: if Trump were so bad then the R’s would impeach him, and its unimaginable that the D’s would pass up such a chance. But, that depends on his VP pick being more desirable than he is, so this objection can’t really be considered until Trump makes his pick. Until then, I have to say that I am strongly leaning toward not voting for Trump & not for President. Trump is essentially what turns me off from Trump, and given that he is essentially just a D with an R, I probably won’t be opposed enough to the D’s to vote for him. Or maybe I will if I just really have nothing to do that day. So I am not #NeverTrump, I am #ProbablyNotTrump. I will inevitably pick the lesser among evils simply because I am aware of the choice.

Someone might think that Libertarian would be a good fit for me, but I am satisfied for now that Libertarianism is essentially a dissatisfaction with existence, or at least, an incomplete philosophy that stubbornly insists it is comprehensive.

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