Richard Posner’s phony apology for saying that studying the Constitution has “no value”

Celebrated Appeals Court judge Richard Posner recently caused quite a stir when he wrote for Slate that, “I see absolutely no value to a judge of spending decades, years, months, … Continue Reading →

#CaseStudy Status Anxiety and the Question “What Do You Do?”

When you meet someone at a party, you should think twice before asking “what do you do?”–at least that is the message of a short video Alain de Botton did … Continue Reading →

#CaseStudy Vox’s ‘The rise of American Authoritarianism’

Donald Trump: the man who’s rise is, for many, the first interesting development in American politics in their lifetime—in their opinion for better or for worse. Trump has the world’s … Continue Reading →

#CaseStudy Ted Talk: What Explains the Rise of Humans?

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#CaseStudy Mandy Patinkin doesn’t get ‘The Princess Bride’

Of course, we have to acknowledge the possibility that Mandy Patinkin merely wanted to distance himself from his admirer Ted Cruz by saying something snotty about him. But, for the … Continue Reading →