Why Do You Think People Have Rights, Bro?

I’m just curious: Why do you think that people have rights, bro? Where do you think rights come from? You speak about them all the time, but it doesn’t really … Continue Reading →

Ted Cruz is not lying about his ‘Gang of Eight’ amendment

Well, doncha know? Ted Cruz is caught red-handed supporting the legalization of “the eleven million people who are here illegaly.” He said so explicitly at the time in 2013. Dead … Continue Reading →

Trump’s behavior, Jefferson, Adams, and the Election of 1800

So Trump is probably the least well-behaved person in the serious kind of public life in modern American history. If Trump is inevitable, I want to be able to support … Continue Reading →

Classical Philosophy > Classical Liberalism

Printable version—PDF Today, we can say with some justification that we live in the future. The future seems to be as it has always been portrayed in the different types … Continue Reading →