#CaseStudy Vox’s ‘The rise of American Authoritarianism’

Donald Trump: the man who’s rise is, for many, the first interesting development in American politics in their lifetime—in their opinion for better or for worse. Trump has the world’s … Continue Reading →

To #NeverTrump, or not to #NeverTrump

Let’s do this. I’ve always thought that I’d wait to consider #NeverTrump until that decision was upon us. Now that it is reasonably inevitable that he will be the nominee, … Continue Reading →

Ted Cruz is not lying about his ‘Gang of Eight’ amendment

Well, doncha know? Ted Cruz is caught red-handed supporting the legalization of “the eleven million people who are here illegaly.” He said so explicitly at the time in 2013. Dead … Continue Reading →

Trump will Cut Deals with Democrats

Trump just makes the establishment palatable to people that are opposed to the establishment. Maybe you think its a fine thing that Trump will cut deals with the Democrats, but … Continue Reading →

Trump Can’t Build the Wall because of D’s in the Senate

Trump can’t build the wall because even if he wins, the D’s will win the Senate or hold their ground. Any candidate will need a filibuster proof majority to get … Continue Reading →

Trump’s behavior, Jefferson, Adams, and the Election of 1800

So Trump is probably the least well-behaved person in the serious kind of public life in modern American history. If Trump is inevitable, I want to be able to support … Continue Reading →

Trump 1/19 opposes returning federal land to states; 2/22 doesn’t know anything about it.

Trump apparently does not know what he’s doing with regard to the significant issue of federal lands. But Ted Cruz is “sick,” a “liar,” and “there’s something wrong with [him].” … Continue Reading →

Does Trump Know What He’s Doing?

I think that it has to be admitted that Obama is either the greatest or the worst president ever, and that it hinges on whether or not Leftism generally has … Continue Reading →