Ta-Nahesi Coates Puts His Foot in His Mouth on the Civil War

We have, as the basis for the latest skirmish in the perpetual relevance of America’s Civil War, the appearance by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on the October … Continue Reading →

Reports That Mark Zuckerberg Wants Your Soul Are Greatly Exaggerated

Facebook, not content to be the receptacle of your selfies and meal pics, has decided to be the object of your soul. Or at least, that is what you would … Continue Reading →

Dana Loesch’s NRA Video Reveals the Left’s Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine

An NRA video featuring Dana Loesch recently went viral, & the reaction to it provides a fine microcosm of our public discussion for us to consider. Commentators for mainstream websites … Continue Reading →

Dennis Prager and the Coming of Civil War 2

Certainly, we might say that our society is in a political crisis—the transfer of power following our recent election may have been the least smooth such transition since 1861. How … Continue Reading →

One Person, One Vote, considered

There is a somewhat famous Thomas Jefferson quote from a letter to his nephew, “question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must … Continue Reading →

Why Do You Think People Have Rights, Bro?

I’m just curious: Why do you think that people have rights, bro? Where do you think rights come from? You speak about them all the time, but it doesn’t really … Continue Reading →

Given foreseeable gridlock, how important is a candidate’s policy agenda?

The relatively sober observer of politics has to notice that there will be gridlock—especially with regard to the major issues—for the foreseeable future. But, each candidate has a detailed legislative … Continue Reading →

Mission Statement

The Solid Quarry of Relatively Sober Reason takes its name and mission from Abraham Lincoln’s 1838 Lyceum Speech. The Founders were pillars of the temple of liberty; and now that … Continue Reading →