#CaseStudy Vox’s ‘The rise of American Authoritarianism’

Donald Trump: the man who’s rise is, for many, the first interesting development in American politics in their lifetime—in their opinion for better or for worse. Trump has the world’s … Continue Reading →

Is Having Public Services Socialism?

Are public services such as police and fire departments, and public libraries examples of socialism? Was the public influence in the development of the interstate highway system and the invention … Continue Reading →

#CaseStudy Ted Talk: What Explains the Rise of Humans?

Yuval Noah Harari gave a TED Talk, What explains the rise of humans?, and wrote a more concise version of his talk as a writing for Ted.com, Why humans run … Continue Reading →

One Person, One Vote, considered

There is a somewhat famous Thomas Jefferson quote from a letter to his nephew, “question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must … Continue Reading →

#CaseStudy Mandy Patinkin doesn’t get ‘The Princess Bride’

Of course, we have to acknowledge the possibility that Mandy Patinkin merely wanted to distance himself from his admirer Ted Cruz by saying something snotty about him. But, for the … Continue Reading →

Supposing children should be ruled by their parents, what then?

Supposing children should be ruled by their parents, what then? Can there be any genuine knowledge about how people should live their lives? Or, are we limited to having, just, … Continue Reading →

To #NeverTrump, or not to #NeverTrump

Let’s do this. I’ve always thought that I’d wait to consider #NeverTrump until that decision was upon us. Now that it is reasonably inevitable that he will be the nominee, … Continue Reading →

Why Do You Think People Have Rights, Bro?

I’m just curious: Why do you think that people have rights, bro? Where do you think rights come from? You speak about them all the time, but it doesn’t really … Continue Reading →

Ted Cruz is not lying about his ‘Gang of Eight’ amendment

Well, doncha know? Ted Cruz is caught red-handed supporting the legalization of “the eleven million people who are here illegaly.” He said so explicitly at the time in 2013. Dead … Continue Reading →

Given foreseeable gridlock, how important is a candidate’s policy agenda?

The relatively sober observer of politics has to notice that there will be gridlock—especially with regard to the major issues—for the foreseeable future. But, each candidate has a detailed legislative … Continue Reading →